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The ability of thermoplastics to be incredibly flexible, while remaining tear-resistant, makes them perfect for use in the manufacturing of a wide variety of cables. Manufacturers are in constant need of materials that will lead to the development of durable and versatile cables that can be used across the board; from computer cables to more heavy-duty cable types.


Our uniquely formulated TPE line for wire and cable can be used in electrical and electronic applications by designers and processors. These excellent TPEs are both UV and ozone resistant.

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TPE cable types are particularly popular in the automotive, industrial equipment, and household appliance industries, offering just the right amount of flexibility and insulation needed for any project. The flexibility of TPEs is also a great benefit when trying to prevent entanglement with cable carriers. Thermoplastics can be molded into virtually any size or shape of cable, making them perfect for the manufacturing of cables. A TPE cable can be made softer and more pliable depending on how it will be used. With the technology and chemistry of thermoplastic elastomers cables jacketing is able to be made lighter, thinner and stronger.

The rubber-like nature of this type of cable means that it can be stretched and bent without causing damage. TPE headphone cables are becoming increasingly popular for this reason alone. Virtually no other cable types undergo the stress of headphone cables, simply because they are “manhandled” so much by users. Manufacturers may wish to consider thermoplastics as a way forward in terms of creating headphone cables that will not strip, tear or crack with long term use.

Similarly, cables used in computers, robotic equipment, automatic machinery, and household appliances need to be flexible and strong enough to be pushed, pulled and rearranged. However, they need to withstand constant pressure as well. Thermoplastics assist in the manufacturing of cables that have a need to be both strong and flexible. TPEs are very easy to process and are easily colored making them a suitable candidate for color coded jacketing.

Star Thermoplastics  TPES  material can be used for cables and connectors in  variety of extreme conditions in mining, nuclear, power, robotics, and military equipment.  TPEs are low temperature flexible, have a high temperature rating, and are excellent at resisting water, chemicals, and damage from the ozone. There are non-halogenated flame retardant grades available.

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