Thermoplastics In Tool Manufacturing

Thermoplastics are well regarded for their durability, flexibility and pliability and are commonly used in tool manufacturing. Thermoplastic elastomers are commonly used in plastic grips in tools because their ergonomic features make them easy to work with.  By using TPE material with vibration damping properties in tool grips and parts, the tools can be easier and safer to use, and quieter, as well.   Thermoplastics are quickly replacing traditional rubber as the polymer of choice in a variety of applications, and many companies find their use both cost-effective and energy efficient.


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Tool Manufacturing and Thermoplastic Elastomers

Because TPEs are highly pliable yet can return to their original shape without distortion, they are popular in the manufacturing of tools. More specifically, TPEs are used as plastic grips in tools, allowing for greater range of movement, more ergonomic flexibility and a softer touch than their rubber counterparts.

Thermoplastics are popularly used in the heads of mallets, as grips on hammers and other small hand tools. They are also used in soldering, welding, brazing and heating.

Thermoplastics can also be a cost-effective solution to the traditional manufacturing process which often produces high volumes of waste. TPEs are recyclable, and many manufacturers find it useful to reuse the waste products to produce even more products. With an increased lifespan and high levels of resistance, thermoplastics are not only practical but economical.

In addition to being used as a rubber substitute, thermoplastics are widely used in extruded plastic tubing, rods and pipes. TPE can withstand temperatures between -75 degrees and 275 degrees Fahrenheit, making them adaptable to a wide range of uses. They are highly resistant to flexural fatigue and resist cracking. In short, TPEs represent almost a “wonder polymer” which can be used in just about everything from hammers to tubing, ducting and seals.

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