Thermoplastics In Sports Equipment

The sports and recreation market is continually growing and adapting to the industry trends. With new sports popping up each and every day there are new doors opening for product designers and developers. Whether it is the trending sport of the summer, the newest exercise equipment, or breathing new life into tried-and-true pastime activities, thermoplastic elastomers are likely to be along on the adventure.


Nothing is more flexible that our broad line of StarFlex® TPEs. These TPEs are readily available with a broad range of properties. Our StarFlex line has what you need.

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With great adhesion to substrates TPEs have found a home in many ergonomic grips and handles, providing excellent grip in both wet and dry environments. TPEs have been used in surfboard pads, protective athletic cups, and mouth guards.  You’ll find soft, gel-like TPEs used in shoe inserts and bicycle seats.  Product developers and designers enjoy the consistent colorability and the overall appearance that thermoplastic elastomers provide; end-users benefit from the specialized fit, feel, and look of the products.

Thermoplastics have long been sought after for their pliable and spring-like properties, and are commonly used in grippy toys, balls and padding. TPEs are also used in protective sports equipment and have been added to everything from helmets to knee pads, protective cups and mouth guards.

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