Thermoplastic Elastomers Are Perfect For  Toys

Getting the best quality materials for your business applications is key to maintaining product quality and integrity. Thermoplastic elastomers are used in a variety of contexts and are some of the most durable polymers on the market, and can be used to create long-lasting and sturdy products. The nature of TPEs makes them especially useful in the manufacturing of certain toys.

Thermoplastics in Toys

TPEs are the main polymer used in grippy toys, and are used mainly for their spring-like quality. The most common examples of these toys are dog chew toys, bouncing rubber balls and adult sex toys. These polymers are highly pliable and easy to work with, making them ideal for creating a wide range of products.

It is important to parents that they have the confidence in their children’s toys. We here at Star Thermoplastics work hard with toy manufactures to insure quality safe products are made.  With TPEs both parents and manufactures can sleep well at night. Thermoplastic elastomers are free of lead, PVC, any metal, and latex.  TPEs can be found in and on many children’s products from rattle and pacifier handles,  tableware and utensils, and cribs and booster seats.

Safe Thermoplastic Elastomers Pet Toys

Thermoplastic elastomers are both flexible and durable. This mix of characteristics make them perfect of your pup’s toys. From treat dispensers, ball, bones, tug toys, grooming supplies, feeding bowls, squeaker toys TPEs are used in all of them. Not only will they last through many bites and chomps but they are also safe for pets. Thermoplastics elastomers and our StarPet® product line have been specially formulated just for pets. TPEs are free of lead PVC, latex phthalates and metals. We want manufactures and owners to be confident in their pets toys. Plus, thermoplastic elastomer pet toys are also ideal for any owner who has allergies. We want to work with you to produce safer American made  pet products.

Why use Thermoplastics for toy production?

TPEs are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making them safe for both child and animal use. With a range of hardness from Shore A to Shore D, you can use them for soft chew toys or hard toys like Frisbees.™ This copolymer is weather resistant and can be used in water. Its high tensile strength means it can withstand wear and tear, making it perfect for pet chew toys.

When it comes to getting the best possible copolymers for the production of your rubber toys, thermoplastic elastomers provide the perfect solution. Heat to high temperatures and mold them into exactly what you want for best results.

Especially useful in the production of adult toy products, thermoplastic elastomers are more durable than latex and do not include phthalates. This makes them softer and eliminates the chemical smell that often accompanies traditional vinyl. With TPEs, you can gradually add hardeners until you reach the desired texture, then vacuum them out with no residual effects.

Thermoplastic elastomers make excellent polymers for use in all types of applications. Get yours today.

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