Using Thermoplastics in the Manufacture of Firearms

Firearm manufacturers are increasingly offering TPEs ergonomic enhancement options for recoil pads and grips on their products because they enhance the experience, and lower the risks, associated with shooting firearms.  Look for TPEs designed specifically to reduce vibration and impact, lessening short and long term fatigue.

Grips on a hand gun and a rifle help the shooter to gain more control and lessen the vibration and shock fatigue associated with aiming and firing a gun.


StarTuff is exactly as it sounds. TUFF! The StarTuff product line was made to handle a wide array of environmental factors. It is our most durable material for the most demanding applications.

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Good shotgun recoil pads are always in high demand, and a slip on recoil pad that fits a long gun as if it was manufactured specifically for a particular make or model will please even the most particular sportsman. This is also one product that needs to retain its shape and consistency over time. Every gun owner wants to know that the products he or she purchases are going to last for the lifetime of the firearm on which they are used. A good recoil pad that is appealing in appearance and provides excellent recoil protection is guaranteed to become immediately popular with gun owners.

A recoil pad that is easy and inexpensive to produce, yet meets tougher specifications than more expensive products, cannot help but be a sure winner for its manufacturer. Sportsmen expect the highest standards in their equipment and any product that cannot make the grade will quickly lose credibility with this demanding market. TPEs retain their pliability even in cold weather, making them ideal for equipment that is used year round.

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