Thermoplastics in the Medical Industry

The use of thermoplastic elastomers in the medical industry is nothing new. The use of TPEs in medical tubing means that hospitals can benefit from the polymer’s high extrusion rates and ability to withstand high temperatures. TPEs are also used in medical devices such as gaskets and stoppers. Thermoplastic elastomers provide the perfect solution for the demand for sterile medical grade devices in clinical settings.


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TPEs also play a large role in the manufacturing and production of medical diagnostic devices. Their ergonomic pliability makes them ideal for prosthetics, surgical instruments and mobility aids. These polymers are soft enough to use on patient skin surfaces, yet can be hardened and made to withstand repeated use, drops and shocks. Highly vibration resistant, the use of thermoplastics extends their lifespan and makes them highly useful across applications.

Thermoplastics are widely used in the food and medical industry and are highly regarded for their adaptability. Because they come into contact with food, thermoplastics are tightly regulated in the food service industry and even more controlled in the medical industry. Thermoplastics have been used in everything from food storage containers to medical testing devices and their popularity is only increasing in these sectors.

Whether you are looking to manufacture food preparation tools or medical devices, thermoplastics are an economical and efficient choice.

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