Thermoplastics in the Food Industry

One of the greatest innovations in food service and preparation was polymers that allowed for better food storage and preservation. Thermoplastics are used in Teflon® products that are sold as food storage containers, and in many of the industrial strength containers used in restaurants, cafeterias and other public food service settings.


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Thermoplastics have actually been used to replace metal parts in some food service products including food processing equipment. Because of its non-corrosive nature, flexibility and ability to withstand temperature extremes, thermoplastics are excellent for use in these industries.

Thermoplastics are widely used in the food and medical industry and are highly regarded for their adaptability. Because they come into contact with food, thermoplastics are tightly regulated in the food service industry and even more controlled in the medical industry. Thermoplastics have been used in everything from food storage containers to medical testing devices and their popularity is only increasing in these sectors.

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