Thermoplastics in Automotive Part Manufacturing

New approaches and trends in the transportation industry are pushing manufactures to design lighter and faster vehicles. The new trend  is effecting everything from motorcycles, school buses, trucks and recreational vehicles. Thermoplastic elastomers have been one of the few materials that have been able to meet this design challenge. Thermoplastic elastomers are known for their flexibility, and are used in a wide range of industries. One of its greatest competitive features is its ability to be shaped in ways that metals cannot, allowing for more imaginative designs.  Further, TPEs have an attractive weight to performance ratio which allows for lighter vehicle designs leading to improved mileage and decreased environmental impact.


Versatile and easy to process TPEs that have an amazing ability to be overmolded onto a variety of substrates.

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Thermoplastic elastomers are widely being used as a replacement for traditional rubber to reduce vibration effects (sound, dislodgement, etc.). TPEs provide shock absorption, comfort, and texture that can stand up to even the most intense manufacturing processes. This makes them the preferred choice when it comes to making modifications to existing products and creating new ones.

Thermoplastic elastomers combine the flexibility of thermoplastics with the performance of traditional rubber at a fraction of the cost. These polymers are environmentally friendly and can be recycled, cutting production costs and allowing you to reuse materials. TPEs allow you to create “soft touch” products, improve ergonomic design and decrease impact for the end user.

We have an extensive offering of thermoplastics that can be created to fit your exact application needs. Discover what you need to create your best parts today and see what thermoplastics can do for your company.

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