Pet Products

Anyone who has owned a dog or cat knows that having a quality toy is important for the safety of their companion. Chew toys especially need the capability to handle constant gnawing and attempts of destruction. Thermoplastics elastomers are an ideal solution for making pet products, including toys. They can be easily molded to offer a variety of textures and experiences necessary to keep the animal’s interest.

Keeping Pets Happy with Thermoplastic Elastomers

TPEs are some of the most versatile materials available on the market. They can be formed to make just about any conceivable tool, toy, or accessory for a pet. See the possibilities with pet products ranging from squeaker toys to collapsible food bowls. Product designers love clarity of thermoplastic elastomers, as well as, their colorability. TPEs with the proper choice of color can result in visually appealing toys for both the owner and the pet.

Star Thermoplastics offers a StarPet product line that is specifically formulated just for pets. StarPet® TPE is free of PVC, latex, metals, and phthalates so pet owners need not worry.

Read more about our StarPet® TPE 8000 Series.



The soft, rubbery TPEs used for toys are great for most pets. Because they are durable and strong, it will take most animals some time to chew through and wear down the TPE. They offer a wide range of colorability, assuring that the toys made are bright, which can draw attention.


Incorporating TPEs into food and water bowl designs prevent them from sliding and creating a mess. TPEs do an amazing job at gripping the floor and keeping objects in place. Entire dishes can be made with TPEs and be a tough alternative to stainless steel.


TPEs can be used to build and enhance pet carriers and kennels. Soft TPEs can be used to improve the handles, making them easier to grip offering ergonomic comfort. TPEs make better flooring within the carriers, improving the stability of the animal. TPEs can be cleaned easily, making helping ease of maintenance.

Getting Started

Star Thermoplastics would love to get started working with you. With our wide variety of thermoplastic formulations we can deliver solutions that meet your exact specifications and needs for your product. As expert TPE manufacturers we understand completely what’s required to quickly get your production up and running.