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Injection molded thermoplastics are ideal for plastic used in sports and leisure equipment. This tough and versatile polymer is used in a wide range of applications,  including the toy and leisure market. There is no end to the many sports and leisure activities you’ll find thermoplastic elastomers, from equipment, to apparel, to accessories.

Thermoplastics have long been sought after for their pliable and spring-like properties, and are commonly used in grippy toys, balls, and padding. Use thermoplastic elastomers in soccer balls, volleyballs, and dodge balls in the place of materials like vinyl and pure rubber. TPEs are also used in protective sports equipment and have been added to everything from helmets to knee pads, protective cups, and mouth guards.

Advantages of Using Thermoplastics in Sports

Not only are thermoplastics long lasting and tough, they are environmentally friendly and efficient. The use of thermoplastics can shave thousands of dollars from production costs, saving on both labor and manufacturing expenses.

TPEs are a common substitution for synthetic and natural rubber due to the elastomer’s ability to bend, create complex designs, and shapes.  TPEs can also be used to replace PVC, making them a more suitable solution for the production of leisure and toy equipment. Because TPEs can be melted down and reshaped, they result in reduced waste and are heavily used in recycling efforts.  This makes them an added bullet point when selling products using TPEs in an increasingly “Green” world.

Demand for TPE across the globe is growing exponentially, with manufacturers scrambling to use the polymer in a variety of applications. From creating plastics used in sports to casual toys like flying discs, the use of TPE in toy production is only expected to grow in the coming years.

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Common Uses

TPEs are the perfect material to use to make balls, athletic mouth guards, and knee pads. Their properties can be functionalized to enhance the use of flying discs.  Thermoplastics have been used to the hand grip on fishing poles, hiking and ski poles.  They are light weight a good fit for both scuba diving and snorkeling fins.

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Flying Discs

One of the simplest forms of thermoplastic being used in sports is the common flying disc.  The perfect embodiment of what makes thermoplastics great is sturdiness, reliability, and flexibility. These discs can be found in any color under the rainbow and with many different degrees of hardness, showing off the real capabilities of thermoplastic in the real world.  Growing interest in Disc Golf has increased the awareness of TPE use in flying discs.


Water Sports

TPEs can be engineered to have excellent grip while wet, making it an ideal material for use in surf pads and waterski clips.  For diving fins that have excellent spring for propulsion, or for the perfect seals in watercraft dry compartments, look no further than thermoplastics.


Helmets and Safety Equipment

Thermoplastics are often incorporated into helmets and other sports safety products, such as knee pads and chinstraps.  High resistance TPEs can resist blunt force and protect the user from injury.

Getting Started

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