Hand and Power Tools

Star TPE is hard at work in hand and power tools. With a reputation for durability, aesthetics, easy handling and high performance, you’ll have the confidence that the materials used to in any tool to offer ergonomic comfort.

While traditional building materials such as pipes, plastics, and components generally have a long lifespan, the use of thermoplastic elastomers can extend them even further. Because of their resistance to temperature extremes, lack of corrosive properties, flexibility, and light weight, TPE outlast their counterparts, making them more economical in the long run.

Other Uses for Thermoplastic Elastomers in Tools

Manufacturers have created a variety of power and hand tools using TPE. Tool grips on hammers, pliers, and drills have all been created using thermoplastic elsatomers. If you are manufacturing tools, we have everything you need to create long-lasting products.


Screw drivers, box cutter, pliers, hammer and tape measure - made with TPE grips and handles
Hand Tools

Hand tools benefit from thermoplastic elastomers. A handheld hammer with a soft grip will have better ergonomic function.

Power Tools

Using TPE for soft grips to power tools allows you to have a comfortable and firm grip. Your hand will not slip, allowing you to experience a much greater degree of control and safety.

Getting Started

Star Thermoplastics would love to get started working with you. With our wide variety of thermoplastic formulations we can deliver solutions that meet your exact specifications and needs for your product. As expert TPE manufacturers we understand completely what’s required to quickly get your production up and running.

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