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At Star Thermoplastics, we have the experience and expertise needed to make your product look good and function well, and we understand completely what’s required to quickly get your product to market. Our extensive database of thermoplastic elastomer formulations allows us to deliver solutions that meet the exact specifications and needs for your product. We want to become your ongoing resource for TPEs.

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Thermoplastic elastomers have become the materials of choice for a growing number of manufacturers, and for good reason. The elasticity and flexibility of TPEs make them ideal to add to the function, appeal, and marketability of countless modern applications, taking the place of traditional rubber, silicone, other plastics, metals and wood.

Where do you find TPE materials?

The question, “Where do you find TPE materials?” can take a while to answer, since thermoplastic elastomers are part of just about every industry in some form and to some degree.  This family of polymers first gained a foothold as a replacement for rubber, but manufacturers are just tapping into the potential advantages of incorporating thermoplastic elastomers into product designs, and the list of where TPE polymers are used grows daily.


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