We have many Thermoplastic Elastomer Product Lines to fit your needs

We have developed the best-in-class TPE materials. Grades are available for injection molding, extrusion and blow-molding. We have grades that work well both in overmolding and two-shot molding. Every application has very specific requirements. Star thermoplastics will put our TPE solutions to work for you.

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Soft TPE scuba diving equipment


StarFlex® TPE is extremely flexible. This TPE has a broad range of properties and a wide range of hardness.

Product Specifics
DynaStar soft touch styrenic based TPE for overmolding on rigid TPE


The DynaStar™ product line offers flexible, resilient, soft-touch styrenic based TPE Material


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TPE manual resuscitator valve bag mask


StarMed® TPEs are designed specifically to meet FDA requirements for medical parts and supplies.

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TPE for Pet Toys


StarPet® TPE  is a durable, safe material for use in pet toys.

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The StarBond® TPE product line offers excellent soft touch overmolding materials, with a wide range of hardness with excellent adhesion to polar substrates.

Product Specifics
StarGrip-X TPE for bicycle handle bar grip


StarGrip-X® TPE is formulated for enhanced grip, soft touch and improved feel in wet and dry conditions.

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StarClear TPE clear tubes


StarClear® TPE line represents the clearest TPEs available in the market. They are ideal for medical and food applications.

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StarSoft™ provides product designers and plastics processors with an ultra-soft and gel-like TPE.

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StarPrene® TPE 6000 Series is used as a replacement material for thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV).

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