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StarGrip-X® TPE is formulated for enhanced grip, soft touch and improved feel in wet and dry conditions. They can be molded into thick or thin parts and are available at various hardness.

StarGrip-X® products can be used for handles, hand and garden tool grips, lawn and garden accessories, construction, safety equipment, sports and recreation products. Additional applications include tool handles, bicycle grips, small kitchen appliance, utensil handles, hairbrush handles and sports accessory parts.

StarGrip-X® TPEs range in hardness from Shore A 20 to 60, in translucent, natural and black. Demand for soft-touch products with ergonomic design has rapidly been growing in the consumer market. Using StarGrip-X® thermoplastic elastomer offers design flexibility, increased durability and vibration dampening. What are you waiting for? Get your grip on it today!

Black TPE golf club grip