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StarSoft™ provides product designers and plastics processors with the most touchable, ultra-soft, gel-like TPE you’ve ever experienced. Elastomeric TPE gels are finding their way into many industries such as housewares, electronics, medical devices, and recreational equipment. Integrating advanced technology TPE gels into products elevates the user’s tactile experience, connecting them to your product and brand like never before.

TPE gels offer not only offer comfort, safety, and impact reduction but also excellent colorability, processability, and great shape retention. Generally considered semisolid materials, StarSoft™ Gels are available in Shore “OO” and Shore “OOO” ranges. If you are curious to learn more about the Shore “OO” and “OOO” scales check out our blog. In a video, we explain how we measure them and how they compare to other scales.

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To learn more about the various Shore hardness ranges and how the scales compare, take a look at our video.

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What are Thermoplastic Elastomers?

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are flexible, rubber-like materials that are highly stretchable and useful in a variety of industries. They can be stretched to more than twice their original size and shape while still maintaining their structural integrity. TPEs are true thermoplastics and do not require vulcanization or curing. Thermoplastic elastomers are used in a variety of processes from injection molding to 2-shot molding, blow molding and extrusion. On the hardness scale, they range from rigid and firm to soft and gel-like.

TPEs can be colored, making them useful in a range of products from toys to medical equipment. Rubber balls, shoe insoles and motorcycle grips are just a few of the examples of TPEs in action. Unlike their counterparts, TPEs can withstand temperature extremes without warping or cracking. Because of their ability to absorb shock, TPEs are often used as handlebar grips and in prosthetic devices.

TPEs are tear-resistant yet soft to the touch. They offer noise reduction and vibration minimization, making them especially useful in the automotive industry. TPEs are the most commonly used polymer in grippy plastics like those that are commonly found in exercise equipment. Thermoplastic elastomers dominate products all around us. The rubber grips on toothbrushes, dog chew toys and the handles on garden tools are all examples of thermoplastics in action. This versatile polymer is great for a variety of uses and can be customized for your manufacturing needs.

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