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StarPrene® TPE 6000 Series is often used as a replacement material for thermoplastic vulcanizate, as it offers many of the same characteristics as TPV. TPEs and TPVs are frequently used in similar applications, and the StarPrene® line of thermoplastic elastomers can be used in many of those applications. Want to know if your TPV application is a good candidate replacement with StarPrene®?

StarPrene® materials are used in countless markets including consumer products, wire and cable, industrial products, and appliances. You’ll find StarPrene® used in a vast array of applications, as well, including appliance profiles, electrical products, automotive parts, tubing, cable jacketing, seals and gaskets, and many other materials.

Better colorability than TPVs, resulting in more vibrant and consistent colors

There are many advantages of StarPrene® TPE over TPVs. TPEs have far better colorability than TPVs, resulting in more vibrant and consistent colors. Thermoplastic elastomer material does not need to be dried before processing, which saves both time and money. TPEs offer improved tensile strength and elongation over TPVs. While the StarPrene® line has similar flow characteristics to TPVs, it is also offered in high flow grades and is recyclable.

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StarPrene® TPE 6000 Series Hardness
Shore A
Gravity g/cc
Strength psi
Modulus psi
Elongation % Tear
Strength pli
StarPrene® 6101-61 60 A 0.97 1,091 706 563 336
StarPrene® 6101-70 68 A 0.97 1,345 713 579 610
StarPrene® 6101-64 69 A 0.96 1,228 598 633 399
StarPrene® 6101-80 81 A 0.96 1,366 717 653 243
StarPrene® 6201-80 81 A 0.96 1,366 653 653 243
StarPrene® 6201-87 94 A 0.96 1,868 1,515 615 381
StarPrene® 6101-87 94 A 0.96 1,808 1,151 626 444
StarPrene® 6203-50D 50 D 0.95 2,902 1,862 621 772

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