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Are you looking for a durable, safe material for use in pet toys? If so, StarPet® TPE 8000 Series is the right product for you! Formulated specifically for use in a variety of pet products, StarPet® TPEs can be molded into both thick and thin parts that will hold up against the bite of pets. StarPet® TPEs have also been used in two shot molded parts with varying hardness and features.

We have rated our material based upon a Star Biteability Index. For extra small to small breed animals who are casual chewers to aggressive chewers, try StarPet material rated with a 1 star to 3 stars. For medium to larger breed animals, we look to the more durable StarPet materials rated at 3 stars to 5 stars and great bite resistance.

Our dogs deserve a better chew toy

All StarPet® thermoplastic elastomer products are very durable, with great clarity, weatherability, and bite strength allowing you to offer attractive, long lasting products. It’s also FDA compliant, ensuring you’ll have a non-toxic pet product.

StarPet® is a thermoplastic elastomer and latex-free, limiting the risk of pet and owner allergies. StarPet® TPEs can often be used as a replacement for thermoset rubber; thermoset rubber contains latex, which is well documented to cause allergic reactions.

You can be confident that StarPet® TPE material is formulated without PVC, latex and phthalates. StarPet® TPEs also has high flow materials available, making them easier to process.

See some of the product in use Pet Products and Uses and Case Study.

StarPet® TPE 8000 Series Star Biteability
Shore A
Gravity g/cc
Strength psi
Modulus psi
Elongation % Tear
Strength pli
StarPet® 8015-0000 * 15 A 0.89 754 108 996 124
StarPet® 8025-0000 *** 26 A 0.90 823 197 553 154
StarPet® 8030-0000 ** 29 A 0.90 1,100 149 675 235
StarPet® 8034-0007 **** 34 A 0.89 1,444 215 753 512
StarPet® 8035-0000 *** 37 A 0.89 599 345 535 242
StarPet® 8040-0000 *** 40 A 0.89 925 323 598 304
StarPet® 8060-0007 ***** 60 A 0.90 1,928 497 646 400
StarPet® 8060-1007 ***** 61 A 0.89 869 592 584 567
StarPet® 8070-0007 ***** 71 A 0.88 1,648 703 654 720
StarPet® 8070-1007 ***** 71 A 0.89 1,753 663 577 484

Our Pledge to the Pups

We at Star Thermoplastics pledge to your safety. We promise to make and sell quality material that you would want in your toys. We will only make thermoplastic elastomers that are built to last. They will be formulated without any lead, PVC, latex, phthalates and any metal. We pledge to deliver the best material to the market for both you and your friends. We want you to be safe, and your owner to be confident in the play toys they give you.

- The staff at Star Thermoplastics

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