StarGrip-X by Star Thermoplastics

StarGrip-X® TPE is formulated for applications calling for enhanced grip, soft touch and improved feel in wet and dry conditions. The grades available can be processed using standard processing techniques. They can be molded either thick or thin and are available across a range of hardnesses.

StarGrip-X® products can certainly be used for handles and grips of hand and garden tools, lawn and garden accessories, construction and safety equipment and the sports and recreation products, but we have found a number of other applications in other industries as well as. Some applications include: tool handles, bicycle grips, small kitchen appliance and utensil handles, hair brush handles, and sports accessory parts.



We have many grades available with a variety of samples available upon request. StarGrip-X® TPEs range in hardness from Shore A 20 to 60, in translucent, natural, black, or a variety of custom colors upon request. The demand for soft touch products with ergonomic design has rapidly been expanding in the consumer market. Look to our StarGrip-X® line for your grip needs. The StarGrip-X® TPE products have excellent grip characteristics under both wet and dry conditions allowing for your part to be used in a variety of conditions. The products have great weatherability, giving you attractive, long lasting products. StarGrip-X® TPE series is FDA compliant, so you can be confident that you are providing your customer a safe, non-toxic product, free of PVC, latex and phthalates. Use of StarGrip-X® minimizes potential allergies as well. StarGrip-X® thermoplastic elastomer material has low temperature flexibility, so will hold up in a variety of temperatures and because it is a thermoplastic versus a thermoset, StarGrip-X® has high flow options available and no drying needed making it is easier to process. Using StarGrip-X® thermoplastic elastomer products allows for enhanced design flexibility, increased product durability, the option of noise and vibration dampening, recyclability and products and a long product life. What are you waiting for? Get your grip on today!

StarGrip-X® TPE 5000 Series Hardness
Shore A
Gravity g/cc
Strength psi
Modulus psi
Elongation % Tear
Strength pli
StarGrip-X® 5020-1000 19 A 0.91 332 106 745 74
StarGrip-X® 5025-1000 24 A 0.91 401 114 806 150
StarGrip-X® 5030-1000 30 A 0.91 509 190 763 79
StarGrip-X® 5035-1000 35 A 0.91 776 179 868 120
StarGrip-X® 5045-1000 45 A 0.91 960 227 860 166
StarGrip-X® 5050-1000 50 A 0.91 776 281 763 131
StarGrip-X® 5055-1000 54 A 0.91 783 319 720 144
StarGrip-X® 5060-1000 59 A 0.92 972 370 713 183

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