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Clarity can be one of the most important characteristic for some products. Whether it is a see through treat dispenser for your dog, a sleek clear case for your tablet, or the soft gel insoles in your shoes, considering clarity in the material selection process can be vital. We understand that.

After working with many of our customers who were dissatisfied by the offering of clear TPEs in the marketplaces, we designed an entire line dedicated to clarity. Our StarClear® line represents the clearest TPEs available. These TPEs are formulated to be extremely clear. They are ideal for medical and food grade applications. TPEs are easily colored making StarClear® products a perfect choice when color and clarity are important. Some common uses include tubing, pet toys, footwear insoles, athletic protection cups, comfort bands, mouth guards, adult toys, and tablet and phone covers.



What’s a clear thermoplastic elastomer used for?

Star Thermoplastics is ready to show its manufacturing clients how to make thermoplastic elastomers work for them. This American business has been proud to be at the center of a new manufacturing boom in the United States for the last 20 years. It is time to let thermoplastics pave the road to success in a new century.

StarClear® TPE 1000 Series Hardness
Shore A
Gravity g/cc
Strength psi
Modulus psi
Elongation % Tear
Strength pli
StarClear® 1003-0000 3 A 0.88 224 25 995 85
StarClear® 1007-0000 7 A 0.88 266 65 713 35
StarClear® 1015-0000 15 A 0.89 857 99 973 170
StarClear® 1025-0000 26 A 0.90 823 197 553 154
StarClear® 1035-0000 39 A 0.89 466 233 567 228
StarClear® 1040-0000 40 A 0.89 925 323 598 304
StarClear® 1050-0000 50 A 0.88 1,006 478 640 390
StarClear® 1060-0007 59 A 0.89 1,385 420 624 435
StarClear® 1068-0000 70 A 0.89 892 699 513 572

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