We have many Thermoplastic Elastomer Product Lines to fit your needs…

When you need thermoplastic elastomer materials that set your product apart, look no further than Star Thermoplastics. The thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) that we have designed are some of the best materials available in the marketplace, used for injection molding, extrusion, blow-molding, and 2-shot overmolding.  We recognize that every project has very specific, individual requirements, and we are here to put our technology to work for you.

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Our exclusive line of soft, flexible TPEs meet the most demanding of medical and food contact applications.

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Formulated especially for pet products. FDA compliant, ensuring you’ll have a non-toxic pet product.

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DynaStar filled and unfilled TPEs are available in a broad range of hardnesses – ideal for infinite uses.

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Versatile, easy to process. Has an amazing ability to be overmolded onto a variety of substrates.

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Our StarClear line represents the clearest TPEs available. These TPEs are formulated to be super clear.

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Nothing is more flexible than StarFlex. Readily available with a broad range of properties.

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TPEs formulated with similar strength and flow characteristics of TPVs, and easy to process and color.

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These touchable soft, gel-like TPEs are the perfect cushioning to take your application to the next level.

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StarGrip-X is formulated for applications calling for enhanced grip, soft touch and improved haptics.

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TPEs should not be confused with any run-of-the-mill plastics. Containing both elastomeric and thermoplastic properties, Thermoplastic Elastomer materials offer excellent strength and flexibility for creating long-lasting, durable parts. TPEs are soft to the touch, lightweight, and tear resistant. They remain pliable in cold weather, can resist chemicals and UV, and reduce noise and vibration. And they can be designed to be either very rigid or more gel-like and soft, to fit the needs of the products for which you wish to use the TPEs.