Star Thermoplastics’ solution for a Midwest U.S. Molder of flying golf discs yields improved customer appeal and product diversity.

When a flying golf disc company wanted to improve the performance of their entire flying disc product line, they turned to Star Thermoplastics. The flying golf discs are made of a blend of various polymer systems including polyethylene with the goal of optimizing flight performance while controlling the weight of the disc. This being the case, the materials chosen as constituents of the polymer blend need to blend well so the disc can achieve flight performance in different weight classes. The designer of the discs wanted the new material to color well across a full spectrum of colors and to provide the user with a superior feel and performance at a price point that provided the best value to the user while allowing easy processing to the molder.

Star Thermoplastics’ Research and Development team went to work to come up with a material that met all the customer needs. It was clear that existing material formulations would meet most, but not all, of the disc requirements. After further research and experimentation with different polymer formulations in Star Thermoplastics’ state-of-the-art laboratories, the Research and Development team developed a formula with the perfect blend of ingredients that processed easily and met the performance requirements of the disc.

The Advantage

Star Thermoplastics provided a unique and custom solution that increased customer appeal and performance of the golf disc product. This allowed the molder to satisfy their customer and allowed the OEM to expand their product offering and set themselves apart from their competition resulting in market share expansion.

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