Case Study: Star Thermoplastics’ TPEs improved performance and profitability for an innovative manufacturer of hunting, archery, and tactical products.

This leading manufacturer of hunting, archery and tactical products and accessories has gained a loyal customer base by differentiating themselves in their market with innovative product designs, and their customers have come to rely on them for quality performance. When they were using a competitor’s TPE material which had too much elongation, their product performance suffered, and their reputation was put on the line. Further, they were experiencing a 20% failure in processing, affecting their waste costs and cutting into their profitability.

When the Company considered a new material to solve their current problems, Star Thermoplastics listened closely to see what other problems or challenges they faced as well. Three different materials were offered that not only addressed the customer’s current problems but also introduced new properties that solved other unique problems.

Of the three Star Thermoplastics TPE materials trialed, one was a complete success. It had very low elongation – important so the product did not stretch in use. It took the hydrographic “dip print” processing exceptionally well, creating sharper imaging and reduced their 20% rejection rate. It also had enhanced their UV stability which allowed their product to perform for a longer period of time.

Another Star Thermoplastics TPE material tested, while processing very well, turned out to be too hard for the application they were looking at. However, the Company discovered it was an excellent material selection for a different product in development, and they adjusted their product design to include higher vibration reduction enhancements that the new Star Thermoplastics TPE material allowed.

The Advantage

Utilizing new TPE material from Star Thermoplastics, they effectively improved customer perception and loyalty by enhancing performance and appearance, and by extending the longevity of the product. The new Star Thermoplastics TPE also helped improve profitability by minimizing waste associated with processing … and because the Company trialed more than one TPE material offered by Star Thermoplastics, new product development was also enhanced, advancing their innovative status in the market.

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