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From product concept to production. Whether you are a seasoned designer with expertise in thermoplastics or bringing your first product design to the next phase of production, we are here to assist you. No matter what your design, when it comes to TPEs, Star Thermoplastics provides the highest quality and best value formulations. Contact us today to learn how our experienced staff can quickly guide you to the best TPE material for the enhancement and functionality of your products and designs.

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TPEs Are A Flexible Soft Plastic Choice

When you need thermoplastic materials that set your product apart, look no further than Star Thermoplastics. The thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) that we have designed are some of the best materials available in the marketplace, used for injection molding, extrusion, blow-molding, and 2-shot overmolding.

Containing both elastomeric and thermoplastic properties, Thermoplastic Elastomer materials offer excellent strength and flexibility for creating long-lasting, durable parts.  TPEs are soft to the touch, lightweight, and tear resistant.  They remain pliable in cold weather, can resist chemicals and UV, and reduce noise and vibration.  And they can be designed to be either very rigid and stiff or more gel-like and soft, to fit the needs of the products for which you wish to use the TPEs.

We recognize that every project has very specific, individual requirements, and we are here to put our technology to work for you.

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Star Thermoplastics has tens of thousands of formulations to select from, and more being developed every day. We work with you to identify the perfect TPE for your product application.

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With your products concept in mind, Star Thermoplastics is here to help you design the perfect product.


Our experienced staff understands that the best product outcomes result from the best design, material, and processing. We help troubleshoot once your concept goes into production.

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We can assist you with all of you thermoplastics requirements, from procurement to processing. The wide range of thermoplastics formulations available result in some of the best soft, colorable, durable, easy-to-mold rubbery materials. You can count on Star Thermoplastics to find a formulation that suits you the best.