CEO Named Loyola University’s Alumnus of the Year

We are proud to announce that our President and CEO, Tom Dieschbourg, was names Loyola University’s Alumnus of the Year by the Chemistry Department. He was presented the Alumnus of the Year award at the annual Denkewalter Lecture in October.

“Loyola University of Chicago helped me develop and hone critical problem-solving skills that have served me throughout my career,” said Dieschbourg. “More importantly, though, I have found ways of applying the combination of the art and science of those studies to the rest of my life.”

Dieschbourg received a Masters of Science in Organic Chemistry from Loyola University Chicago. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. He was selected for the esteemed award of Alumnus of the Year by the faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments following his degrees. Over the years he has been an active alumni and is proud to have hired Loyola Alum.

The Alumnus award is granted to our Star Thermoplastics founder in the same year that his company celebrates 25 years in business. The manufacturer develops and compounds a broad range of custom thermoplastic elastomers and specialty alloys, creating materials optimized for applications that require durability, colorability, surface grip, “soft touch,” or rubbery feel. The materials may be used as an affordable replacement for silicone, PVC, or natural rubber.