26 Apr

Why are Plastics Compounded? Part 1

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Plastic Compounding and its Process Value Plastic compounding is the process of adding functionality and value to polymers or polymer systems through melt blending or mixing of additives into a polymer matrix or melt mixing two or more polymers together to make an “alloy”. Melt processing is commonly used in thermoplastic polymers. Why is it [...]

16 Feb

Solutions for Antimicrobial Plastic Products

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Solutions for Antimicrobial Plastics There are numerous options for product enhancements. The addition of antimicrobial properties is a great addition to diversifying products in a very crowded marketplace. Their properties improve the products value and safety to the consumer. How do plastic products become antimicrobial? When a product or material is labeled as antimicrobial it [...]

2 Feb

Books to Expand Your View: “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman

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We want to introduce a new series of book reviews from our staff and from our owner Tom Dieschbourg. He has always been an avid reader. He has been known to stay up late just to finish a book. On trips, he stops at a bookstore to buy a few books and you can be [...]

27 Oct

What you need to know about Medical Grade TPEs

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TPE Technology Takes Medical Devices to the Next Level Take your medical device to the next level with TPEs.  During design development consider using thermoplastic elastomers in your device. They have a strong set of properties that offer many advantages over other materials and are typically more cost-effective than alternative materials. During the development process, TPEs [...]