13 Feb

The Drive to Reshore is Getting Stronger and Making an Impact

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As the state of the economy is ever changing, reshoring continues to be a hot topic in the manufacturing industry. You may have seen one of our most popular posts on reshoring called "Moving to the States, Time for Reshoring".   The latest trends towards reshoring remain strong and according to Assembly Magazine are at 'record levels.' Star Thermoplastics [...]

11 Jul
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appliance DESIGN- Thermoplastic Elastomers Support the Design Principles of the DIY Movement July 2017

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  Thermoplastic Elastomers Support the Design Principles of the DIY Movement-July '17 Issue Did you get a chance to read this month's appliance DESIGN issue yet?  As the role of buyers shifts with new technology and a changing economy, designers and product developers have had to adjust the way they create new products. Tucked inside on [...]

27 Sep
  • extruder-compounding

Plastic Compounding in a Twin Screw Extruder – Part 3

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Plastic Compounding in a Twin Screw Extruder Plastics compounding is the process of adding functionality and value to polymers or polymer systems through melt blending or mixing of additives into a polymer matrix or melt mixing two or more polymers together to make an “alloy”. Extruders provide unparalleled performance and durability that make the difference to [...]

16 Aug

The Anatomy of a Compounding Line – Part 2

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What Makes Up a Compounding Line? Compounding is the method of preparing a plastics formulation by mixing  or blending polymers and additives to achieve a range of properties based on the user's performance needs. Dispersive and distributive mixing are important factors for creating a homogeneous blend of the raw materials. Compounding is most often done by [...]