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I'm Samantha, our Marketing Communications Specialist. I enjoy connecting with people and helping businesses find solutions for their manufacturing issues. Do you have a question that you can't find the answer to? Let me know and I will be happy work with our technical team to make sure you get an answer.
9 Jan

Top Things You Need to Know About TPEs

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  The Things You Should Know About TPEs 1. TPES are Recyclable - Our thermoplastic elastomers can be recycled to nearly 100% allowing them to be processed over and over again.  The uncured molecular chains allow the TPE to be melted down repeatedly, minimizing scraps and waste in the manufacturing and molding processes. You save more [...]

11 Jul
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appliance DESIGN- Thermoplastic Elastomers Support the Design Principles of the DIY Movement July 2017

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  Thermoplastic Elastomers Support the Design Principles of the DIY Movement-July '17 Issue Did you get a chance to read this month's appliance DESIGN issue yet?  As the role of buyers shifts with new technology and a changing economy, designers and product developers have had to adjust the way they create new products. Tucked inside on [...]

11 Oct

Building Business Relationships – Step Outside the Office for Something Different

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Stepping Outside the Office to Build Business Relationships How do you like to build new business relationships? We enjoy getting out of the office and getting to know the people we are doing business with. It's about building a relationship and partnership where we know we will support each other's business.  Getting out of the [...]

27 Sep
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Plastic Compounding in a Twin Screw Extruder – Part 3

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Plastic Compounding in a Twin Screw Extruder Plastics compounding is the process of adding functionality and value to polymers or polymer systems through melt blending or mixing of additives into a polymer matrix or melt mixing two or more polymers together to make an “alloy”. Extruders provide unparalleled performance and durability that make the difference to [...]