Appliance Design – Thermoplastic Elastomers Support the Design Principles of the DIY Movement

Did you get a chance to read this month’s appliance DESIGN issue yet?  As the role of buyers shifts with new technology and a changing economy, designers and product developers have had to adjust the way they create new products. Tucked inside on page 18 there is a great addition, discussing how thermoplastic elastomer technology supports these evolving design trends.

Written by our very own Prakash Sanjevaiah, Ph. D. Consumers are demanding more functionality and design out of products. This translates to a designer needing to find more robust components to work with. Consumers want to be more involved in the design process themselves. The evolution of the consumer’s involvement with the process has changed the scope of selling products from just having the best product but to the best user experience.

How do you get users to have a great experience or emotional connection to your product?

Thermoplastic elastomers can serve this need by offering a rewarding experience between the consumer and the product. Through the durability and tactile experience, they are encouraged by the functionality of the product. The multi-use and recyclability reaffirm that they purchased a product that goes beyond them. Thermoplastic elastomers are easy to color making them great for designers to create products in a broad color spectrum.  Check out the article…