About Us

Star Thermoplastics – Proud to be American Made

American manufacturing is one of the many things that makes this nation great. At Star Thermoplastics, we are proud to produce Star TPE and support the growth and innovations of American manufacturing. It is American manufacturing that, perhaps above all else, creates a strong America.

We at Star Thermoplastics are proud to be American, innovating for the future and lifting our community.

Our History

Star Thermoplastic Alloys and Rubbers, Inc. was founded in 1993. Our manufacturing facility is located in Broadview, Illinois, just 14 miles west of Chicago, IL. This expansive plant houses advanced manufacturing lines with the capacity to produce millions of pounds of material annually. We continue to invest in increasing our capacity so we can serve you.

Our mission at Star Thermoplastics is to provide Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) and research driven specialty alloy solutions that are tailored for your application.

We have earned a reputation as an innovative and technology-driven company that will go the extra mile, ensuring superior TPE solutions that can improve the efficiency, quality, and marketability of your products.

Star Thermoplastics’ advanced research and development team is dedicated to innovate and bring material solutions that fit your needs. Our manufacturing, quality, and customer service teams are focused on offering quality and consistency.

What We Do

We offer some of the broadest lines of TPE formulations in the industry. At Star Thermoplastics, we offer R&D driven TPE solutions. Our TPE can boost the appeal of an existing product, replace a competitive TPE in an existing product, and add to its longevity over its lifetime. All of our TPE product lines are formulated and manufactured in the USA.

Who We Are

Our partnership with you starts by working together to understand the requirements of the project and to identify or create suitable TPE solutions. The results are TPE materials that are easy to process, aesthetically-pleasing, and specially designed for the end use requirements. We bring our team’s TPE expertise throughout the entire process, from concept to production, in an efficient manner. For your requirements in polymer modifiers, TPE alloys, and high performance TPE that can outperform TPVs in some areas, you can count on Star Thermoplastics.

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