Summer Company Picnic to Celebrate our Team!

What a day! Star Thermoplastics held a summer company picnic on Sunday, August 27th. Although it rained in the hours leading up to the event, the weather cleared just as the picnic started, giving everyone a chance to take advantage of the amenities offered at Decoma Day Camp. With many food choices, lots of activities for kids and adults, and an incredible number of wonderful people on site, employees and their families were treated to a memorable afternoon.

“My biggest business advantage is the people who work here,” stated Tom Dieschbourg, President. “And because they are part of the Star Thermoplastics family, their families are ALSO part of the Star Thermoplastics family. It’s wonderful to see everyone out here today having fun together.”

The favorite part of the day? Well, it depends on who you asked. Some of the kids liked the fidget spinners, the bouncy tent, and the games. Many adults said that the lunch, balloon toss, and volleyball were their favorites. One thing is clear by the smiles and laughter – it was a great event enjoyed by all that participated.

Star Thermoplastics Company Picnic   star thermoplastics company picnic   star thermoplastics company picnic

The picnic included a full lunch spread and popsicles to stay cool. There was a variety of field games from potato sack races, hula hoops, limbo, a water balloon toss, frisbee toss and a scavenger hunt.  Some preferred the team games and had some friendly games of basketball and volleyball. Everyone had a chance to win something at the raffle at the end but no one was forgotten and everyone was sent home with a thank you bag to remember the day.

We couldn’t be prouder to be an American Manufacturing company and wouldn’t be able to do it without the continued support and dedication from our employees. With this team, we know that our 25th Anniversary next year will be a success.

 star thermoplastics company picnic     star thermoplastics company picnic

   star thermoplastics company picnic   star thermoplastics company picnic   

star thermoplastics company picnic

star thermoplastics company picnic     star thermoplastics company picnic


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Images by: Jack Soltysik

Location: Decoma Day Camp