Kraton Compounds Sold

Kraton Sale Finds Solution

Early in 2016 Kraton Performance Polymers, Inc. sold its TPE business – including assets and technology – and caused a disturbance in the market for SBC polymers.  Disruptions in the supply chain may call into question whether a supplier can support your business long term.   It always takes some time for the full effect of the changes to be felt, and these changes can have a very significant impact on any organization.

This change in the TPE landscape has caused manufacturers to look at re-qualification and validation of material to ensure compatibility with their processing parameters.  Ultimately, manufacturers must document material equivalency and acceptance. Has this affected your business?   Factors that can prompt re-qualification include:

  • Change in manufacturing process
  • Change in manufacturing sites
  • Change in manufacturing equipment
  • Change in material
  • Change in knowledge base
  • Need for cost containment

Manufacturers that have been using Kraton TPEs are reconsidering their material selection for products in all end markets, but especially those using Kraton in packaging, medical devices and personal care products. We understand that the right material can be critical to product performance. As you look for re-qualification, also consider expanding your qualified material options. Star Thermoplastics offers working replacements for Kraton polymers in both our StarFlex® and StarMed® lines.

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