Packaging Design Flexibility Through Material Selection-April ’16 Issue

Did you get a chance to read this month’s appliance DESIGN issue?  Tucked inside on page 33 there is a great addition, touching on the impact that packaging can have on the success of your products and the role that packaging plays in the consumer’s experience.  It’s written by our very own Prakash Sanjeevaiah, Ph. D. and Jennifer Tomes.

As packaging design has changed to meet the growing needs of consumers, thermoplastics elastomers (TPEs) have played a larger role. From grips, seals, and dispensers TPEs are enhancing the recent packaging designs.  Using the right material in packaging can also reduce the cost of storage and transportation.  The end result when using TPEs is a packaging design with quality physical and barrier protection and a product image with a lot of appeal to consumers.

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Did you know we were highlighted in the October 2015 issue? Read more here.

*Note – It is spelled Prakash Sanjeevaiah not Sanjeevaia.*

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