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Vibration Damping TPE Technology Enhances Products

Damping is a term used to describe a reduction of energy from a system to overcome frictional or other forces.  It is most commonly used with ergonomic, electrical and industrial products that can be enhanced with vibration and/or noise damping. These damping properties can be added during the functionalization process in compounding. The materials are developed with additives that aid in both the vibration and noise damping. Now is the time to add value to your products that your customers will appreciate.

Vibration damping TPEs

Prolonged exposure to loud noises and heavy vibration can be very dangerous. TPEs are ideal for vibration damping applications due to the viscoelastic behavior. Vibration damping TPEs reduce impact and vibration effects for the user that otherwise might cause fatigue. They protect against muscle and joint damage that come as a result of prolonged use. By adding vibration and noise damping-enhanced material to your product, you increase the user experiences.  It allows the user longer work times and lowers the fatigue rate associated with repeated use. It also increases usability by a variety of operators with different conditions. Take control handles, for instance; it will be easier for an operator to work if grips and handles are enhanced to decrease vibration transmitted from the machine’s motor. The addition of vibration damping TPEs to the control handles and countless other parts can help with the operator’s health, safety and comfort.

Vibration damping TPEs can be used to meet both physical and performance requirements in a broad range of applications.  The material delivers great impact damping performance while providing design flexibility. Vibration damping TPEs are typically less expensive than vibration damping tapes that require a secondary application step. They dissipate energy that would otherwise be transferred to the user. They create a comfortable user experience for sporting goods, appliances, power tools, and medical products.

Applications range from:

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Firearmsvibration damping tpes
  • Archery
  • Electronics
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Appliances
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Benefits of Vibration Damping TPEs:

  • Durable in demanding conditions
  • Absorb energy and relax internal stress
  • Improve user experience
  • Minimize health issues such as arthritis, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Protect substrate
  • Reduce impact
  • Design flexibility
  • Minimize motor and engine vibrations

In our laboratories, damping is tested with a Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) machine. It is used to help study and characterize materials. A DMA test measures both stiffness and damping reported as modulus and Tan delta. A sample is placed in an environmental chamber and tested under various conditions. By measuring damping or Tan delta we can tell how well a material will be at absorbing energy.

  • As Tan delta increase it indicates that the sample has more energy dissipation potential.
  • As Tan delta decrease it demonstrates that the sample is acting more elastic and is storing versus dissipating the energy.

We tested one of our vibration damping enhanced products to demonstrate the advantages of enhanced thermoplastic elastomers. In this test, we measured the Tan delta, which is a method that identifies the dissipation factor. In the graph below you can see a comparison of several resins and their damping properties. Sample 1 below has been designed to absorb mechanical stress and dissipate energy. You can see as evident by the high peak of the Tan delta as compared to by the other two conventional TPEs with lower Tan delta values that it dissipates more energy than both Sample 2 and 3.

vibration damiping tpes-Tan delta

It is important to Star Thermoplastics to offer products that solve current product design problems. We provide a range of vibration damping TPEs for a range of applications. We work hand in hand with our customers to develop specific solutions for their applications. Our goal is to solve your material issues and we work hard to provide high-quality TPE solutions. Call us today and discuss how we can get you a solution. Add value to your products that your customer will notice during each use.


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