Dr. Prakash Sanjeevaiah and Jennifer Tomes, collaborated to write The Softer Side of TPEs on page 26. It uncovers what it really means to have a soft TPE. While TPEs are offered in a wide range of durometers it can be confusing to understand when a TPE is considered a Gel TPE. Jennifer and Prakash clear up the confusion and take yappliance_DESIGN-Nov_15_Coverou through how softness is measured, what a soft gel means to touch, and the processing and functionality of a low durometer TPE.
Using a soft thermoplastic elastomer opens up a world of possibilities for designers. As every year passes the technology and capabilities of TPEs get broader. TPE gels are just as easy to process, color, and functionalize as harder TPEs, and offer many of the same great properties. Thermoplastic elastomers are evolving as fast as customers needs are changing, and using them in new product development will help designers and processors enhance their product.

Well, I’ll stop talking and let you read it for yourself!


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