Medical Device

TPE Technology Takes Medical Devices to the Next Level

Take your medical device to the next level with TPEs.  During design development consider using thermoplastic elastomers in your device. They have a strong set of properties that offer many advantages over other materials and are typically more cost-effective than alternative materials.

During the development process, TPEs can be functionalized to fit the specific needs of each application. Medical grade TPEs are easy to color, making them flexible to meet current design specifications or to enhance the design of a new product.  Medical devices are exposed to a variety of liquids, and there is no need to be concerned, as TPEs are naturally chemical resistant. They can be used in unique processing methods to achieve the desired look and feel.

Advantages of our Medical Grade TPEstourniqet

  • Free from Latex, PVC, Phthalates, and BPA
  • No animal derived material
  • Easy to sterilize via Gamma, Ethylene Oxide, or Steam
  • Recyclable
  • Soft, flexible surfaces
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Great barrier properties

Properties of Medical Grade TPEs

  • Hardness range from 7A to 80A
  • Available in highly clear transparent to natural, and custom FDA approved colorants
  • Oil free grades availablemedical-syringe-medium
  • Regulatory compliant for RoHS, REACH, FDA, Prop 65, and SVHC

Applications for Medical Grade TPEs

  • Seals, closures, caps
  • Prosthetic cushions
  • Tubing (drainage and peristaltic pumps)
  • Surgical positioners
  • Anti-slip grip handles or surface
  • Training models
  • Tourniquets
  • Dental and medical hoods and masks

Thermoplastics are ideal for medical applications because of their high degree of purity. They contain no latex, rubber, PVC or animal derived materials, making them low in allergens. They have excellent sealing and adhesion for overmolded grips, handles, and surfaces.  Extrusion grade thermoplastic elastomers make for excellent tubing and elastic bands such as tourniquets. TPEs meet RoHS, REACH, and FDA compliance, and expanding government regulations make use of TPEs a wise choice.

Thermoplastic elastomers are a fit for medical devices, in large part due to their biocompatibility. The low degree of extractable compounds makes TPEs useful in so many important medical applications. The level of transparency or translucency in some grades offers enhanced aesthetics in packaging and great appeal when colored.

TPES are the ultimate in material flexibility. We work with design engineers to determine the functional additives that are needed for your product. Call us today to see how we can customize a TPE for you!!! What are you waiting for?

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